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We are a company

That likes bold statements and cool caps

John Hatter & was founded 2017 by Racecar driver and former Investment banker John from Sweden. John got tired of working with numbers and decided to start a cap brand with bold statements. Inspired by the classic trucker cap and the aluminum from racing, he combined these into a high-quality cap that comes in an exclusive packaging.

There are plenty of cool words and phrases out there, so we decide to print some of them on a great trucker cap with the highest quality. Since John is a Racing Driver, he was fascinated with the steel cages and aluminum and just decided to combine a trucker cap with an aluminum plate that are attached with steel rivets. Simple as that!

The Company has their headquarter and showroom in Stockholm, our warehouse is located just a 20min drive outside the city. All orders are supervised from Sweden and we are proud to be able to always ship within 24hrs, and we always priorities return and exchanges.